Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Opening Date: February 15, 2021 Deadline: March 31, 2021
Remaining Days: 38Category: Fulbright Scholarships 2021
Course Level: PhD, Masters, BS  Location: Multiple Locations

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme 2021

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2021-2022: Aga khan college is one of the well known organizations that offers quality schooling that centers around students information and profession and their individual development . An individual’s development can not be satisfied except if one gets openness to various groups, religions, dialects, and countries.

For this reason to sustain, Aga khan college bolsters the thought of pluralism. To completely familiarize their students with the possibility of pluralism, Aga khan college offers a grant for its students to get openness to various examples of life and develop as individuals.

This time year 2021, the grant given by this renowned college is for a Masters’ certificate for specific courses offered by the college. This page is explicitly for the accommodation of intrigued students. They can apply here to get their hands on this scholarships.

Benefits of AKF Scholarship 2021-2022

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship is predominantly offers to the nationals of non-industrial nations, most students have a place with families that can not manage the cost of scholarly costs to concentrate in created nations.

The financial issues, numerous brilliant students that have all the ability to gain from extravagant establishments of the world can’t accomplish their dreams. To have an effect, Aga khan college’s maxim; is offering full financing scholarships to the meriting. This grant will give Full financing, Tuition Fees, and Living costs to the chose students of just qualified nations.

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Eligibility/Criteria

AKF Scholarship Programme 2021 is accessible for a graduate degree program. There are not many qualification standards set up by the Institute for candidates to follow. There is no head-to-quick standard for this qualification rule yet a couple of things to be aware of. These standards are :

  1. Only those students can apply for this scholarships whole countries are eligible.
  2. Age of interested candidates should be more than 30.
  3. Candidates should have persevering splendid academic records.
  4. To examine the decency of grants, the monetary status of candidates should be shown in the application.
  5. Candidates ought to be sufficiently capable to get admission to profoundly legitimate colleges.
  6. With respect to a person’s development, schooling isn’t just an interesting point. Additionally has splendid records in extracurricular exercises. To apply for this grant, intrigued students should have vocation yearnings. The mental fortitude to accomplish their objectives in an unfamiliar, more created scholastic climate.
  7. A couple of long periods of involvement with a specific field are additionally fundamental for candidates to apply for this scholarships.
  8. All the instructive records should be added to the application.

Set of Documents Needed for AKF Scholarships

  • All Educational records.
  • Work experience certificates.
  • Study plan or Research proposal.
  • Letter of Motivation or Statement of Purpose.
  • Extracurricular activities certificates
  • Documents of financial status.

Instructions/guidelines to apply for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

Applications for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship 2021 are given at various Aga Khan colleges workplaces, and their schooling administrations/sheets as this system are decentralized by the actual Institute. One can get an application from 1 January and return applications to similar divisions.

Application Deadline of Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The deadline for accommodation of utilizations for the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship for the scholastic year of 2021-2022 is 31 March 2021.

Official Link of AKF Scholarship

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