Eiffel Scholarships

Eiffel Scholarships (excellence) in France 2021-2022 for international Students

What is Eiffel scholarship?

Eiffel Scholarships also known as Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program is initially established by the foreign affairs and Ministry of French for Europe in January 1999. This aim of this scholarships was to enhance higher education systems of France.

As we better know France is considered as one of the world developed countries of Europe. That’s why students from world wide wish to get their higher education from there and wants to study in France. But mostly students do not afford to get education here. If you are also among those students who wants to study in France but can not afford. Now you don’t need to be worry about it because Eiffel Scholarships Program 2021-2022 helps you to obtain your degrees. With this scholarships you can complete your Masters or PhD degree from any French university.

Eiffel Scholarships Program 2021 is offering by the Ministry of France and foreign affairs. The main aim and objective of this scholarship program is to create an opportunity for the extraordinary and most competent students from the different countries of the globe. As we have already mentioned above that this scholarship program is only for Masers and PhD degree programs. So students from world wide are encouraged to apply for these two programs.

Coverage & Benefits of Eiffel Scholarships

The stipend for Masters degree is €2,362 for 1 to 3 years, in which includes €1,181 for monthly allowance , €1,031 for maintenance allowance and €150 is an extra stipend. Additionally PhD students can get €1,140 monthly allowance for a period of 1 year. Eiffel Scholarships program provides stipend for various expenses including return air tickets, health insurance, local and national transport, for cultural activities.

Eiffel Scholarships Program also covers various expenses including return air tickets, local and national transport, health insurance, and funds to enjoy cultural activities. In addition students are also provided additionally house allowances in certain cases.

Eiffel Scholarships (excellence) in France 2021-2022

Before applying for this scholarship program one thing keep in mind that this scholarship program does not cover tuition fees. The reason behind this is, Ministry of foreign affairs hope that institutions which admitting international students will get financial support and as well as will get maximum benefits. Students enrolled in Public sector institutions and Government scholarship holders both are exempted from enrollment fees.

How do I apply for the Eiffel Scholarship?

This question raise by every student who wants to gain this scholarship. Keep in mind that you can not directly apply for Eiffel Scholarships. So what you need to do is, just submit you application to get admission in any French university. Once you get enrolled in any university, it will apply for this scholarship program on your behalf.

So we recommend every international student to try to get select and nominate yourself in any French university. Every French university has its own criteria and application deadlines, so do visit on your their website, check their admission criteria, application deadline and apply accordingly.

Application Criteria for Eiffel Scholarships

Ministry of France and Foreign Affairs has set the below mentioned criteria to apply for this scholarship program. Before applying, must focus these points.

1. Nationality

Students who are non local means he/she should not be the nationality of France can apply for this scholarship program. This scholarship program is only for non citizens of France. Even dual nationality students are also not eligible for this scholarship program.

2. Age Limit

Maximum age limit for Masters degree is 30 years, those students who are born after march 1989 are eligible for masters degree program. Additionally students who are up to 35 years are eligible for PhD degree programs. Likely students who are born after march 1984 can apply for this PhD degree program. If you do not meet these criteria, you are not eligible for this scholarship program.

How can I get a scholarship in France?

Those international students who submit application through French higher education establishment can grant admission. Applications submitted by any source are not considered for shortlisting. The only reason behind this is, these institutions enroll scholarship holders in the programs offered by the institutions. Here it is most important to focus that applications nominated by more than one establishment are always rejected. So we recommend you to please always apply through just one institutions to avoid any rejection.

Eiffel Scholarships (excellence) in France 2021-2022

Can you apply for Eiffel Scholarship if you are previously rejected or did not meet the criteria?

Those international students who were rejected once, can not apply for Eiffel Scholarships Program even those are also not eligible who has submitted application through another establishment for any other subject. Similarly if any student who has completed their PhD or master degree program are also not eligible. However students who has completed their masters degree through this program can apply for PhD program.

Which courses offered under Eiffel Scholarships?

There are four different program levels offer for International students who wants to get admission in Masters, Engineering, and Ph.D. programs. These programs are:

  1. Law
  2. Economics
  3. Management and
  4. Engineering sciences.

Engineering Sciences:

The Engineering Science includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Space, Life Sciences, biotechnology, nanotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Information Sciences and Political Science.

Application Deadline for Eiffel Scholarships 2021

International students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program and the deadline to application submit for Eiffel Scholarships is every year on 9th January 2021.

Official Web: Ministry of French and Foreign affairs

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