Greece Scholarships 2021

Greece Scholarships 2021: List of Scholarships in Greece

Greece Scholarships 2021-2022: Greece has some of the best educational institutions, with beautiful scenery and delicious food, and being able to study in a place like Greece can definitely fulfill your dreams. However, studying in Greece using your financial support can be a burden and scholarships are a great way to reduce this burden so that you can focus on your education without worrying about monetary matters.

List of Greece Scholarships 2021-2022

Greece has offered really high-paying scholarships to both local and international students. So, here, we have collected a list of the most prestigious stipends and scholarships which are offered in Greece for foreign students.

#1. Graduate Business School Scholarships (ALBA)

Graduate Business School Scholarship (ALBA) offers the Chris Arguers Scholarship in Organizational Behavior for a Masters in Strategic Human Resource Management. The scholarship is open to international students and covers half the tuition fees. Candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and prove their language skills. Along with their documents GRE or GMAT scores should also submit to strengthen and more attractive their application.

The University has the rights to accept incompetent students with poor academic record in some cases. They will need to submit their GRE (152 or higher) or GMAT (500 or above) scores to verify their placement in the MSC HRM program. American College of Greece is a business private institution located in Athens, Greece. Which is famous for its well competent faculty, diverse programs and its Fulbright scholarship programs in every field. This special scholarship is awarded to 2 international students each year. Click here for more details.

#2. Aristotle University Scholarships

Aristotle University Scholarships are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to international students and residents who are not of Greek descent. Students studying at foreign universities are offered the opportunity to study at the School of Modern Greek in summer session.

This scholarship is also available for foreigners of Greek descent from Albania, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Republic of Czech. Foreign researchers and postgraduates are offered to conduct 3 months of research in different fields including Law, humanities, economics, philosophy, political science, architecture. education and arts.

Greece Scholarships 2021: List of Scholarships in Greece

#3. Research Scholarships for Graduate Students

This scholarships is offered for s6 month research stipend to almost 7 graduates of a recent university and college who have the ability to study independent research in Greece. Applications are offered and accepted in the following fields including Social Sciences, Business, Greek Science, Education, Public Administration and Arts.

#4. National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

This scholarship program offers about 6 scholarships in the fields of history, archeology & literature of ancient Greece. These scholarships are given to fund the first year of bachelor’s education and are given in the form of a single payment of 10,000 euros. Students can use this grant to support their tuition or accommodation expenses, but they will be required to pay all other expenses such as bank charges, accommodation expenses, traveling expenses etc.

This scholarship will be given to students under the age of 27, who are non-Greek passport holder and have completed their high school with 90% or higher score and who have not previously enrolled in undergraduate course. In the first year it only covers partial expenses but can be availed in subsequent years if students have a higher status in the previous years of their undergraduate education.

#5. Fulbright Scholarship Program for Greece

This Fulbright Scholarship Awards provide the opportunity to study or research at renowned Greek universities and research institutes. Fulbright Scholarship Grants have the opportunity to receive unprecedented financial support during and after the scholarship period. He has been honored in many subjects such as science, technology, social sciences, humanities, finance, business, education and media.

#6. Fulbright Scholarship for Turkey & Bulgaria

This Fulbright scholarship is awarded annually to one student (one from Turkey & one from Bulgaria) in various fields of Masters and PhD. This allows the grants to be included in a nine-month study in Greece (grants from Turkey will spend at least 4 months in Turkey and 4 months in Greece, and grants from Bulgaria will be spent in Bulgaria and Greece). Will spend equal time as well. The scholarships are given in the fields of history, Classical Byzantine, arts, Ottoman sciences, archeology, social sciences, ecology and agro tourism.

#7. Fulbright Scholarship to study in USA for Greece National Students

American Scholars are awarded approximately 7 scholarships in the fields of Social Sciences, Science, Humanities, Arts, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Grants are offered for up to 4 months and the grant includes a monthly allowance (approximately US 100 100,100), default allowance (US 1 1,200), airfare, research metrics allowance, language lesson allowance, tuition assistance, Etc. will be found.

#8. TEI of Epirus, Arta, Greece

TEI Marie Sklodowska Curie of EpiRights, Arta, Greece is presenting an early stage PhD. Scholarships in the fields of biological sciences and biological engineering. Candidates must have a master’s degree in one of the following fields.

  • Biomaterials.
  • Cell Biology.
  • Tissue Engineering.
  • Veterinary Medicine.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Musculoskeletal Biology and
  • Similar fields.

This scholarship program will grant for maximum three years & awardees must have extensive experience in research. It is open to multiple nationalities and covers applicants’ salaries.

#9. ACT Scholarships

It offers several scholarships for international students each year. Merit Scholarship of Study Overseas worth is approx. 1,000$ to students who are in their home year in ACT and have succeeded in obtaining a CGPA of 3.6 out of 4, the grant helps in reducing tuition fees.

The Hellenic American Scholarship is awarded to talented students and covers half tuition fees. It doesn’t cover insurance costs, cost of living & field trip charges. The ACT has a number of facilities and extracurricular activities that grantees can take advantage of, such as Virginia and Delphi, study trips to Athens, shuttle bus service, free Wi-Fi, orientation, ACT guest lectures and workshops, medical assistance, IT & technology. Access to TK infrastructure.

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