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MBBS Scholarships 2023 for International Students | Fully Funded

Applications for the MBBS Scholarships 2023 for International Students are now available. If you want to study medicine in another country, several prominent colleges offer MBBS scholarships. Hence, many government scholarships are available to pursue MBBS. Moreover, everyone is aware that medical scholarships may be highly expensive and we have compiled a list of Medical Student Scholarships. So, begin your online application for the Fully Funded Medical Scholarships and submit it.

In addition, this essay will go through the most medical scholarships available to overseas students. You may also look into additional Fully Funded Scholarships 2022-2023 and whether or not they provide medical courses or medical scholarships in 2023. We’ve also compiled a list of the Best MBBS Scholarships for International Students to Study in 2023. Additionally, We’ve added a few more scholarships and nations that provide MBBS scholarships overseas. Taiwan is also a medical centre, and it is offering Medical Scholarships 2023. You may also check: Top 10 Scholarships Without IELTS 2022.

List of Top MBBS Scholarships 2023

Furthermore, the list of nations that give the majority of scholarships for MBBS students. So, if you are seeking for MD scholarships, this post can help you: USA, UK, European Countries, Scotland, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Turkey and UAE.

The top medical scholarships for overseas students are listed here. This list includes fully sponsored and partially financed MBBS scholarships.

  • #1 Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program.
  • #2 IsDB Scholarship Program.
  • #3 Scotland Saltire Scholarship.
  • #4 MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship.
  • #5 British Chevening Scholarship UK.
  • #6 MBBS Scholarships in China.
  • #7 Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships.
  • #8 OIST Internship in Japan.
  • #9 MBBS Scholarships in the UK.
  • #10 Rhodes Scholarship in the UK.

#1 Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program

Hence, the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program at Stanford University is offering 100 fully funded scholarships for Masters, PhD, MS, MBA, MFA, Medical, and Joint Degree programmes for the academic year 2023-2024.

  • Deadline: October 12, 2022
  • For Details: Visit Here

#2 IsDB Scholarship Program

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship is one of the most extensive scholarship programmes that offers medical and health awards. It provides medical scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies.

Also, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Management, Bio-Medicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology, and allied subjects are all examples of professions that fall under this category.

  • Starts On: January 2023
  • For more Details: Visit Here 

#3 Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Scholarship applications for the Scottish government are now available. They also provide Medical Scholarships: Science, Technology, Creative Industries, Healthcare and Medical Sciences, and Renewable and Clean Energy are all eligible for the scholarship. They will provide 50 scholarships.

#4 MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship

The Japanese MEXT Research Scholarship is one of the largest scholarships supported by the Japanese government. Also, Medical to Health Scholarships are also available the scholarship is currently active and accepting applications. It aspires for Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD degrees.

#5 British Chevening Scholarship UK

The Chevening Grant is another fully financed UK Government scholarship for overseas students. In addition, Chevening scholarship allows you to pursue and complete any Master’s programme at any UK university. Any Medical course may be found here.
The scholarship will be available on August 2, 2022.

  • Starts On: August 2, 2022
  • Deadline: November 2, 2022
  • For More Details: Visit Here

#6 MBBS Scholarships in China

Apply for an MBBS Scholarship in China with joy. Because China offers a large number of fully funded scholarships for MBBS students. So, you can apply for the MD Scholarships under a Chinese Government Scholarship as well and we have included a list of scholarships available at Chinese institutions for MBBS students.
Also, the Ministry of Education China has authorized the list of universities below for the MBBS Scholarship in Chinese Universities. The Chinese Government Scholarship will give the following benefits to all scholarship recipients:

  • Scholarship Type: Full/Partial
  • Monthly stipend: 15,00 RMB
No.University NameScholarship Type
1Zhejiang UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
2Shandong UniversityCGS; US
3Jiangsu UniversityCGS; CLGS; US; ES
4Chongqing Medical University CLGS
5Xiamen UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
6Nantong UniversityCLGS
7Fujian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
8Zhengzhou UniversityCGS; US
9Liaoning Medical UniversityCGS
10China Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
11Dalian Medical UniversityCGS; CLGS
12Wuhan UniversityCGS; US
13Tongji UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
14Ningbo UniversityCGS; CLGS; US
15Fudan UniversityCGS; CLGS

#7 Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships

Furthermore, MD students are financially supported by Harvard Medical School and Financial assistance is provided to students who are unable to finance themselves and are not financially secure enough to meet the costs of their courses.

#8 OIST Internship in Japan

In addition to the scholarship. The Japanese government also offers a two-month fully funded internship in medical professions in Japan. So, if you want to perform internships in the medical profession. Then an internship at OIST is ideal for you.

  • Deadline: 15th April, 2023
  • For Details: Visit Here

#9 MBBS Scholarships in the UK

Fully Funded Scholarship to Study MBBS in the UK The United Kingdom is home to more than 45 universities that are among the world’s top 600 medical schools (QS News Ranking 2020).

Top Medical Universities in UK

#10 Rhodes Scholarship in the UK

Lastly, The Rhodes Award 2023 in the United Kingdom is a UK government scholarship that allows students to study in any area. It also has a Medical Sciences Division. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pursue a Masters or PhD degree at the University of Oxford.

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