Moldova Scholarships 2021

Moldova Scholarships : List of Fulbright Scholarships in Moldova 2021-2022

Moldova Scholarships 2021: Moldova is considered as a small country of Europe, located between Romania & Ukraine. This small country is rapidly gaining popularity among international students interested in pursuing higher education in Europe. Moldova has about 82 universities, most of which are state-owned. In addition, many private higher education institutions are privately owned.

Moldova has a number of diploma and vocational courses that are offered in full and in part on financial aid scholarships, which are widely followed by students. Fulbright scholarships are available as fully funded by the Government or by some other private entity. There are no university scholarships available for international students in the state of Moldova.

Teaching Language in Universities of Moldova

Mostly schools in Moldova choose Bulgarian and Ukrainian language to teach in higher education level. Some other languages ​​of instruction are Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Students from other countries including Israel, Germany and Poland come here for language programs studies. Right now there is no any single institution which is offering any program in English language. The foreign students who come here either know the teaching of one language well or they adopt language programs to learn the language.

Top Rated Universities/Institutions in Moldova

There are several top rated universities in Moldova offering degree programs and other programs in almost every field of subjects. The most capable individuals are the Academia de Studio Economics dean Moldova, the Universitata de State de Medicina C.Universitata de State A Rousseau. Pharmaki, the Universitata de Tecnica a Moldova, and the Universitata de State dean Moldova.

What is the Living Cost in Moldova for Students?

The main thing attracting international students to study in Moldova is its low cost of living. Moldova is one of the best and cheap country for studying an average of monthly 546 US dollars living cost per person. The cost of four family members in this country would be around around 1400 US Dollars including rent. As per a public survey In terms of living expenses and priority Moldova is ranked 159th country out of 197 countries around the world.

Moldova Scholarships 2021

Can Students work while studying in Moldova?

Moldova has not banned local or foreign students from working part-time. Working hours and time should not be an obstacle for students to achieve their goal of getting first place in the country. Like many other Countries of Europe, students don’t allow to engage on work not more than 20 hours a week in Moldova.

List of Fulbright Scholarships in Moldova

There are several different amazing scholarships in Moldova for international students but we have mentioned here some of the top listed scholarships.

#1. American Councils for International Education Scholarships

The Seventh Joint Research and Language Training Program, sponsored by the American Councils for International Education, offers scholarships to graduates from Asia and Europe, faculty members, and postdoctoral students to conduct research in Moldova. The research term is approximately three to nine months. Some of the main benefits of this scholarship are as follows:

  • Traveling allowance: International return ticket to and from Moldova.
  • Accommodation.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Insurance.
  • Tuition fees discounts and
  • Language courses.

 #2. David L. Boren Awards

National Security Education Program Scholarships also known as the David L. Bourne Scholarships, are for American students who wish to complete part of their study abroad. This scholarship is specially for those undergraduate students who have enrolled in different programs including culture, language, science, business, law and agriculture. The main objective and aim of this program is to bring out individuals who can contribute to the national security of the United States through their education and career paths. Issues of national security include environmental protection, sustainability, population growth, global diseases, hunger and migration.

Students from world wide will provide stipend as fully funded for a year and students will have to pay for one year service with the Government of United States. An award can cost up to 30,000 US dollars and can last from 1 to 2 years. Moldova is also on the list of partner countries.

#3. Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship program offers Bachelor’s level scholarships to students studying in developing countries. Students can be citizens of a developing country and interested in studying in another. Those students who are interested to help their community in future in their area of interest including Science, Education, health, law, medical IT and social work. Those students will be will be given preference during shortlisting process.

About 50 to 60 scholarships are awarded each year. Scholarships can range from 300 USD to 3000 US dollars per year. Students who receive a scholarship once will continue to receive it during their study program. Mostly students receive 1,500 USD scholarships that can be used for meals, tuition, rent, textbooks and fees.

#4. Moldova Government Scholarships

Moldovan Government Scholarships are available for those students who are currently enrolled in Moldovan higher education institutions. The Moldovan government has announced a 4.9% increase in the cost of scholarships, and students will be awarded scholarships regardless of nationality. Recipients can be able to receive 690 MDL from 360 MDL (Moldovan Leo).

Some special categories for those students who are deaf or in the fields of arts and choreography. Students in the fields of agriculture and medicine will receive 1,325 MDL in scholarships. Students who have performed exceptionally will receive a Merit Scholarship, which can be up to 1,525 MDL. The total budget for the Moldovan Scholarship is 12.5 million MDL.

#5. Fulbright Scholarship in Moldova

The US Government’s Fulbright Scholarship Program serves students in Moldova in two ways. It offers American graduate students a year to go to Moldova. Through the English Teaching Assistance Program, students can go abroad and be taught the language in various schools and universities. The Fulbright Scholar Program allows professors, students and researchers to travel around the world, including Moldova, give lectures, and or conduct research in the field of their choice.

The second route is exclusive to Moldovan students, with faculty members and students of higher education institutions of Moldovan receiving grants from the US government to fund their study programs. This stipend is based on educational qualifications and or financial need.

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