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Slovenia Scholarships for International Students 2021-2022

Slovenia Scholarships for International Students: The abundance of culture, low tuition fees and outstanding higher education institutions are some of the main reasons that are attracting international students to study in Slovenia. The Slovenia is one of the European countries where students give priority to go for study exchange program and scholarship sponsorships. Programs such as Erasmus help foreign students to study in Slovenia & get benefits from the rich culture and landscapes of this lovely country.

The Institutions of higher learning of Slovenian is not the first choice for foreign students, but more than 4,000 foreign students currently enrolled in different institutions and studying in Slovenia, this trend is changing recently. Before go to the generously available scholarships in Slovenia, let’s discuss about the culture and living standards in Slovenia and what are some of the requirements to get admission in universities there.

Teaching Language in Slovenia

Mostly Slovenian universities teach in Slovenian language. However, many top universities also offer degree programs in English language. Students other than Slovenia country, whose mother tongue is not Slovenia nor English will have to prove language proficiency in any one of these two languages. English Language Certificates like IELTS or TOEFL from any reputed institutions could be provided. Other English language exams are also the ways through which competent students can prove their English proficiency.

List of Top Universities in Slovenia

Mostly International students normally prefers to study in the following Universities.

Above mentioned all these universities offer degree programs in English language. They are also partnering with the Erasmus program. Some other public universities are free to study for local European Union students and alumni. In addition public universities cost less for international students than private ones.

Slovenia Scholarships

What is the cost of Living in Slovenia?

Living standards in Slovenia is pretty high and is very expensive because wages are low and goods are expensive. Rents are also quite high. In addition, it is important for students to apply for part-time jobs. Almost 600 euros to 1,000 euros is required to live in Slovenia for a single person. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is the most expensive city of this country for living.  

Can Students work alongside studying in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, students can work part-time or get a temporary job through a channel called ‘Student Work’. Student-service agencies have provided students with a reference that allows them to get part-time work. Some amount need to be paid to these agencies from their salaries for contributions to pensions & disability insurance. An amount of certain percentage will have also pay taxes.  

Scholarships in Slovenia 2021-2022

In Slovenian, private universities/schools/colleges are more expensive as compared to Government ones. Even if you are enrolling in a public university, you must consider apply for a scholarship. The money you save on your education can be used to cover your living expenses. Here is a list of scholarship initiatives for foreign students studying or consider to studying in Slovenia.

List of Scholarships in Slovenia

Following is the list of scholarships currently available in Slovenia for international students around the globe.

#1. EMUNI University Scholarship

EMUNI University, located in Peron, Slovenia, offers Masters degree Scholarships to overseas students. Available field of study in intercultural business communication. To enroll in this program, students must have an intermediate knowledge of Arabic, French or Italian. The Fulbright scholarship provides an education fund that helps students meet their educational expenses.

#2. 8ECM Scholarships

The European Congress of Mathematics (ECM) is offering scholarships to competent foreign students in mathematics subject. Applicants must have a strong ability and be enthusiastic about starting on a journey in the field of mathematics.

It is a research based scholarship program and students should be from a developing country. Students may enroll in a BS, MS and PhD Mathematics program in any of the affiliated universities. The award will offer recipients full tuition discounts and free two-star accommodation.

#3. University of Primorska Scholarship

The University of Primorska Scholarship is called the Public Call Scholarship. This students are available at the undergraduate level. All fields of study are eligible and students do not need to submit a separate application as it is an admission award. For this award, students must excel in sports and extracurricular activities. Students should also excel in academics and should pass the English language test with good colors (because students who receive scholarships generally are better than the language average).

#4. Ljubljana University MBA Awards

Lublin University of Economics and Business University is offering scholarships to students enrolling in its MBA program. With this award, outstanding students will be able to complete MBA at minimum cost. Students will give stipend amount of 4000 Euros to all the awards. This application is open to both local and international students. To qualify for the scholarship, potential applicants must have at least three years of significant experience.

#5. Scholarship of Bled School of Management

In Slovenia, the IEDC Blade School of Management is offering scholarships for its one- and two-year Executive MBA programs. Five scholarships will be granted and scholarship is worth up to 50% tuition fee waiver. Tuition discounts will depend on how bright the candidate is in assessing their overall profile. Those candidates who are applying for the scholarship should not be citizen of Slovenia and must be financially need of scholarship. The main objective of this scholarship program is to increase school diversity.

#6. Ph.D. Fellowship for Jozef Stefan Institute

International Institute of Geoff Stephen is offering scholarships to international students who wants to study in Slovenia. The PhD program must be in the area of environmental science and the award should be worth one month in addition to the euro and tuition fee waiver for three years. The degree program is taught in English language, so applicants must have a thorough understanding of the language as well as a master’s degree in geology, chemical engineering, environmental sciences, pharmacy and chemistry.

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