Women Scholarships 2022

Women Scholarships 2022: List of International Scholarships for Women

Women Scholarships 2022: List of International Scholarships for Women: It is difficult for most students to manage college financial aid and it becomes even more complicated when it comes to a deserving and poor student to pursue higher education. And that’s why many organizations sponsor scholarships for women to help deserving and talented female students in higher education. But finding benefits has not always been easy, especially for women. Today, however, many well-known colleges and universities offer scholarships for women around the world.

However, they come with all kinds of standards. Just being a woman will not be enough for you to get a scholarship. Requirements vary depending on the type of scholarship, country of scholarship, your degree program, or college or university, etc. And may depend on your academic performance, leadership skills, age, sports achievements, affiliation with a particular community, or the reason may be part of any minority and more. You may also check: Radboud University Scholarship

List of International Scholarships for Women 2022

Are you looking for any international scholarship for women? Don’t worry below we have compiled a complete list of the most trusted providers and platform providing scholarships to women globally. Some of them are listed below:

1. AAUW (American Association of University Women)

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) provides seven different types of scholarships to international women around the world, including.

  • American Fellowships: It offers to those women who are permanent residents or citizens of US.
  • International Fellowships: It offers to every women from other countries along all over the the world.
  • Selected Professionals Fellowships: Offers to those women who are pursuing master’s degrees in engineering, computer science, math, and architecture in the United States.

2. The Schlumberger Foundation

The Schlumberger Foundation is a non profit organization that helps women who want to study science and technology. For future flagship programs, its faculty provide fellowships to female students from emerging economies or developing countries for PhDs or after a doctorate in science, math, engineering, and technology at universities around the world. Candidates are selected on the basis of leadership ability and scientific knowledge, along with the amount of scholarships, based on total expenses. For example, it could be up to امریکی 50,000 a year.

3. PEO International

PEOP International was founded in 1869 and currently offers women six different projects to help them further their education.

  • PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund: Offers scholarships to women who live in any part of the world other than the United States and Canada. And enables them to pursue a graduate-level education in the United States or Canada.
  • PEO Program for Continuing Education: Women living in the United States or Canada presents with a need-based award of approximately 3000, and can not be able to continue their studies due to financial issues.
  • CEO Star Scholarship: Offers stipends to those women who want to pursue an undergraduate or PhD degree.

4. Margaret McNamara Education Grants

Margaret McNamara Education Grants provides scholarships to women aged 25 and over. who are studying in the United States or Canada or some institutions in Latin America and South Africa. Candidates must be from low- and middle-income countries. And be able to demonstrate that they dedicate to raising the living standards of women and children. They will be from Zonta International.

Zonta International dedicates for promoting women’s rights, well-being, and professional status as a whole, and currently offers two types of scholarships.

  • Jane M. Klassman in Women’s Business Scholarship: Yearly Scholarship Grant to Women with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Management. However, candidates must be a member of the Zonta Club, and scholarships are often between 2000 American Dollar for national students and 8,000 for international students.
  • Amelia Ehart Fellowship Grants to women around the world who are pursuing a PhD. In the field of aerospace and usually it costs 10,000 American Dollars.

5. Women Techmakers Scholars Program

Also, Women Techmakers Scholars Program by Google offers scholarships to female students. Further, who are pursuing education in the fields of computer science or technology, at both undergraduate or graduate level. Also, This scholarship offers to women across the world and usually worth approximately 10,000 USD. The candidates can access on the basis of their academic performance and leadership ability. Moreover, selected candidates would invite to any one of Google’s regional offices, and are involved in various seminars, workshops, social activities, etc. Also check: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2022

6. L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science Programme

Moreover, This scholarship program presents five international awards to women. Further, who enrolled in postdoctoral research in the field of science at any university or research institute in the United States or Ireland. In addition, the cost of each scholarship is about 15,000 USD. Also, the goal of this scholarship is for young researchers to improve their skills and expertise by working in any of the leading research institutes in their own country.

7. 1000 Dreams Scholarship Fund

Additionally,It is granted by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and provides USD 1,000 in financial aid to women attending a high school or university. This is a one time scholarship and is available on a need basis. The ward does not cover tuition fees or housing expenses, but only provides access to educational resources. For example; It covers expenses related to textbooks, academic conferences or seminars, examination fees, etc.

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