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Course Level: Masters, PhD  Location:  Switzerland

Scholarships in Switzerland 2022 | List of Fully Funded

With a diverse range of academic programmes and roughly 40% international students. So, Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students for the academic year 2022-2023 are now available and accepting applications. Why should you study in Switzerland? Hence, the number of international students who choose to study in Switzerland grows year after year and they provide Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees from prestigious Swiss universities. Choose a degree that is internationally recognized. Internships and Scholarship Programs abound in Switzerland.

The Rockies. This one is a no-brainer, but I knew I was in love with the snow-covered peaks the moment I saw them. The Railways. Traveling by train in Switzerland is just beautiful. Additionally, an excellent option for international students looking to study abroad and most universities offer master’s and doctoral degrees in Engineering, Business Management, Hotel Management, Films & Media, Arts & Design, Science & Technology, Computer & IT, and Animation.

Furthermore, take the next step in your career, Scholarships are available to study in Switzerland and Investigate other cultures and languages. So, discover the Natural Beauty of the Country and take advantage of a high standard of living, Excellent Healthcare System. Further, all possibilities on the List of Scholarships in Switzerland for International Students and the List of Internships in Switzerland are fully covered and funded. Also, There are certain universities in Switzerland where you might be exempt from the IELTS test and the complete detailed information is provided below. You may also check: Most Popular Canadian Scholarships.

List of Scholarships in Switzerland 2022

The following is the list of Scholarships in Switzerland 2022-2023 offered by the Swiss government. All these scholarships are fully funded.

  • #1 Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2022.
  • #2 UNIL Scholarship Switzerland 2022.
  • #3 EPFL Excellence Scholarships 2022.

#1. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2022

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are now open to all international students who want to study in Switzerland for free during the academic year 2022-2023. The Swiss Scholarship covers all tuition and fees, as well as monthly stipends, housing, health care, and other student expenses.

Every year, the Swiss organization awards Government Excellence Scholarships to stimulate international involvement and scientific collaboration between Switzerland and more than 180 other countries. Furthermore, the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students, which distributes the scholarships, selects the awardees (FCS). In addition, during the school year 2022-2023, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship will offer. Around 500 master’s and doctorate degree scholarships are funded by the Swiss government.

#2. UNIL Scholarship Switzerland 2022

Furthermore, the grant will award for the minimum statutory length of the student’s chosen programme. However, from September 15 to July 15 (or 10 months every year), it is CHF 1,600 per month for the whole duration of the masters (one and a half years or two years depending on the selected masters), with the exception in situations of decisive failure after the first year.

Additionally, scholarship beneficiaries will be exempt from the course registration fees, with the exception of the CHF 80.00 fees that must pay each semester. In addition, UNIL scholarships are available for master’s degree studies at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

#3. EPFL Excellence Scholarships 2022

The EPFL University is a well-known university in Switzerland. It provides a full scholarship for the Master’s Degree Program. It is open to people of all nationalities.

List of Internships in Switzerland 2022

  • #1 CERN Internship Program in Switzerland 2022.
  • #2 CERN Technical Student Internship Program 2022.

#1. CERN Internship Program in Switzerland 2022

In addition, 120 Internship Program at CERN in Switzerland in 2022, Switzerland is a popular destination for international students seeking to do internships in the country. So, Undergraduates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Graduate Students from CERN Member or Associate Member Countries are eligible. You may also check: International Internships 2022.

Internships in Switzerland for International Students, an Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Spend Summer in Switzerland There is no need for IELTS or TOEFL. There are several internship fields available.

#2. CERN Technical Student Internship Program 2022

Additionally, CERN will choose 120 students and this programme will involve a total of 120 students. So, all undergraduate, bachelor’s, master’s, and graduate students studying applied physics, electrical or electronics engineering, general or civil engineering, information technology, mathematics and robotics, material and surface science, mechanical engineering, and administration. There is no need for IELTS or TOEFL.

Required documents for Scholarships in Switzerland 2022

  • English Proficiency Certificate

If You Have Previous English Education. You can obtain this letter from your college or university, and you can use it to apply for your study permit as an English requirement. What You Must Study in Order to Submit an English Language Proficiency Certificate You must inform them that your previous degree programme was in English. Also check: UK Scholarships

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