Study in Germany

Study in Germany (Scholarships, Admissions, Student Visa, full guide)

Study in Germany: Germany is one of the most famous destination and leading developing country for non English speakers specially for international students. There are almost 380 plus world best universities, offering over more than seventeen thousand different programs of education. It is the best choice for international students around the globe for higher education.

Over more than 357,000 foreign students from different areas of world are currently pursuing their studies here. Besides United States and United Kingdom, Germany is ranked as the third most popular university country globally.

Why Study in Germany?

Are you also thinking about this question that why Study in Germany is best for international students? So the main reason behind this is, it offers & support a wide range of experiences for international students according to their choice and desire location for Study in Germany. 

Mostly universities in Germany is providing free education, so any one can study in Germany for free. The main objective and aim of the German government is to provide free education in Germany to every student including domestic and international students. So any one around the globe can complete their education from Germany best universities free of cost.

Study in Germany

Not every but very few private universities do charge tuition fee. According to a survey, in 2017-18 only 19 private universities and just 93 Applied Science private universities had charged tuition fees. As an ratio it is less than 10% of whole international universities in Germany.  

Some international students globally choose these privates universities but tuition free public universities are offering free education. We recommend those needy students to go for public universities to get free education in Germany. 

Perfect place to study abroad

We all know Germany is also known as the “land of poets & thinkers”. It produces world best and great Scientists including Planck, Born and Einstein. All they are the production of German higher education system and German highly regarded for its teaching, learning and whole education system. 

With its excellent educational reputation, employers recognize high quality approach to teaching & research that all students of German institutions will have great experienced and make them an attractive choice for career in future.

Study in Germany Comparison With USA

We will disclose here some of the main difference, as we have already mentioned above that There is no any tuition fees for international students in Germany. While in USA, Australia and Canada, students world would have pay tuition fee in between $10,000 to $50,000 every year.  Germany offers education in a very low cost and also will grant debt amount at the end of their studies. 

Best German Universities

German institutions considered and regarded best among all the higher educations around the world. Some of the major German cities including Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg host different institutions, which at least minimum one institution ranked as world’s best among the globe.

Germany considered as the home of most distinguished and reputed higher education institutions in whole Western Europe. These institutions includes both older traditional institutions as well as more newly founded technical institutions.

Around more than thirty different German higher education institutions counted as the best in the globe. In QS World University Rankings 2019, it came within the top five hundred institutions as well. 

Top 5 Universities in Germany

Although almost millions of highly esteemed universities in the whole country. Here we have mentioned five high rated German institutions in QS world’s university rankings in 2019.

1. LMU Munich

 LMU Munich(public university) founded in 1472 and it considered as one of the oldest universities in Germany. It regarded as premier academic & research institution and awarded with 42 Nobel Prizes. Over more than 13% of International students are in the student body. LMU has the 2nd largest student population in whole Germany. Official website

2. Technical University of Munich: 

The 2nd most poplar public university in Munich, dedicated to science & technology. This German university includes three major departments offering almost over 170 degree courses.

This institution only focus on Engineering departments and as well as sciences & technology. Due to its great learning environment It’s being awarded with 13 Nobel Prizes since its affiliations in 1927. Currently almost over 39,000 students attending university, in which 9000 international students are of different part of the worlds. Official website

3. Heidelberg University

 The oldest institution in Germany, offering over more than 30,000 university students. This public research university is determined inside the city of Heidelberg, considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and a famous vacationer destination. International college students representing more than 130 countries and make up 20% of the pupil body.

4. Humboldt University of Berlin

An old public institution located in the capital city of Germany. The institute is well-known and noticeably appeared, specifically rendering educational services in studies of the arts and humanities departments. It has a library containing over around 6.5 million different books. Almost 33,000 students enrolled in this university and approximately 16% of are international students..

5. University of Freiburg

The 5th oldest institute in Germany, it is also a public research college. There are approximately almost 25,000 students in which 16% of are international students from 120 specific regions around the globe. The university is well known for its long lifestyle of teaching humanities and herbal sciences and as well as 19 Nobel laureates being affiliated to the university.

Almost 15 staff members have received the very best German prize for research. It also regarded for its mountain retreat, that’s available to students for outdoor and entertainment activities.

Study in Germany

Famous Courses in Germany

Public Institutions

It’s vital to word that most publications taught in universities in Germany might be taught in German. But with a goal to host 350,000 global college students by way of 2020, degree programs taught in English are getting increasingly commonplace.

For a Master’s degree, you may find many English medium courses mainly in social science and business, available for you, particularly in business and the social sciences, available to you.

For undergraduate level, you will benefit from the use of the International Program search tool from the DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service, that will help you.

Presently, the above mentioned tool shows 121 different options for bachelor’s programs teach only in English language. Only 60 of these are no fee institution’s rest of all. but, only 60 of these are at no-rate institutions. So if you want to get admission in English in Germany, you may need to consider a private institute.

Even though this could mean paying tuition fees, these private universities are capable of set their own tuition charges and many other charges are less than €10,000 of a semester. Which is almost more cheaper than any international studies globally.

Some other considerations, if you want to get a business degree from ESCP Europe So this degree program enables you to study in three major capital cities like: London and Berlin on its routine Management program bachelor. This degree program would teach in English language completely. As a non EU student it will set you back €18,000 per year and €13,600 for EU students.

Popular publications in Germany

Public Institutions

It’s miles critical to notice that most publications taught in universities in Germany can be taught in German. however, with a purpose to host 350,000 international students by way of 2020, diploma programs taught in English are becoming an increasing number of not unusual.

If you are looking to look at for a master’s degree, you’ll discover many english medium guides, in particular in commercial enterprise and the social sciences, to be had to you.

in case you are trying to examine at undergraduate program, you’ll benefit from using the international program search tool (from the Daad German educational trade carrier) that will help you.

Currently, this tool suggests 121 effects for bachelor’s stages taught in English handiest. but, only 60 of these are at no-charge establishments. So if you want to Study in Germany in English language, you would have to also consider private institutions.

Even though this can imply paying tuition charges, those non-public universities are able to set their own charges and many fee much less than €10,000 on every semester, which is still less expensive than global study in other different locations around the world.

Another consideration, if you are searching out a business degree, is to observe at ESCP Europe. This program permits you to study in 3 different capital cities, like Berlin and London, on its bachelor of management program. While this offers a degree application taught completely in English, it’ll set you back €18,000 per 12 months for non-EU scholar (€thirteen,600 for EU college students).

International Students in Germany

Fees for International Students

As stated earlier within the article, tuition is free at public universities in Germany for local and international undergraduate students. The most effective exception to that is at universities in the Baden-Württemberg area, in which college students pay €3,000 in line with 12 months for tuition costs (with the exception of refugees and PhD students).

This includes universities in Freiburg, Heidelberg, Hohenheim, Stuttgart and Ulm amongst others. Some exemptions from this fee are made, for college students from Erasmus member states, people with European permanent residency and students who’ve a he front qualification from Germany.

Despite of free tuition fee in universities in Germany, all students have to pay a cover cost, like their enrolment, administration and as well as support fee. All universities have their own fee structure but its charges is normally almost €350.

Sometimes students of Master degree require to pay their tuition fee. This fee will be charged to those non consecutive students who has not done their bachelor degree from a German university recently. The tuition fee of Master’s degree is almost €20,000 on academic year. So this would be exempted/discount for those students who has completed their bachelor degree from Germany.

Scholarships in Germany

Top Scholarships in Germany to Apply

There are many government fully funded scholarships Study in Germany. We have mentioned here some of the best scholarships are:

DAAD Scholarship

This Scholarship is offered by “German Academic Exchange Service” to Study in Germany in undergraduate & postgraduate degree program.


This is available for those international students who want to participate in study exchange program in Europe.

Some of the Non-government scholarships are listed here as following below.

Heinrich Böll Scholarships: 

It is only available for those undergraduate and postgraduate students study at an officially recognized institution.

Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships: 

Available for those foreign students who’re looking to emerge as educators in science.

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries: 

It’s only available for postdoctoral research. Meanwhile many different scholarships are available for international students from developing countries.

Deutschland Stipendium: 

This is only for those highly talented students from any country who are currently enrolled in any German university will be paid €300/month.

Some universities also offer university precise opportunities to Study in Germany. There are as follows:

Heidelberg University: 

There are several opportunities available for foreign students. Like: “Amirana Scholarship, its for those international students, who want to study in medicine & dentistry.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management Doctoral Tuition Waivers: 

Doctoral college students on English medium courses in finance, business administration, accounting and mathematics may have tuition fees waived with this application

Universität Hamburg merit awards: 

For those students enrolled for not less than semesters, who’ve outstanding ability in any degree level or any subject.

RWTH Aachen programs: 

This Funding is available for international students and local as well.

Living Costs in Germany

Residences for students in Germany are an low cost housing choice, however these are in excessive demand and short deliver. Shared residences, frequently with communal regions, espresso shops, laundry regions and bicycle garage, are some other exact alternative for students. Rent can value everywhere between €210 and €360 in line with month, relying on whether or not you pick out to stay on my own, with a accomplice or on campus.

Larger towns may also provide larger condo prices. a student flat in berlin is probable to value €430, even as in munich, a greater high priced German city, rent is probably to be toward €665 in line with month.

Study in Germany

In addition to rent, college students may even need to price range for food, software payments and social activities. It’s miles recommended to price range €850 in line with month while reading in Germany, even though this ought to be extended if you may be dwelling in certainly one of the larger towns, which includes munich.

Students in Germany are eligible for a “semester ticket”, so one can assist with the value of travel on buses, trams, subways and trains. the fee of that is generally protected in the administration costs paid to the college at the start of look at.

Student Visa in Germany

Those students who are residents of Students from the EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein can avail following opportunities :

  • To Study in Germany no need of any visa.
  • They need to register yourself with the Einwohnermeldeamt or Gürgeramt within a week of arriving in Germany.
  • Need to display proof which you have get admission to to approximately €8700 according to 12 months (for residing charges).
  • Requires to have purchased medical health insurance (unless policy from your own home united states is legitimate in Germany).
  • Must prove proficiency in the language of guidance for your diploma route.

Students from outside the EU:

  • New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Switzerland or the us: do not require a visa but ought to acquire a house permit.
  • Andorra, Brazil, el Salvador, Monaco, San Marino, Honduras or Taiwan: handiest require a visa if you may paintings before or after your degree. should acquire a residence allow.
  • Other international locations: practice for visa (Schengen visa – for 3 months of examine, countrywide visa – for over 3 months of examine). visa and residence permit can be acquired out of your local German embassy.
  • For residence permit: sign in with the residents’ registration workplace, show that you have medical health insurance coverage, show which you have access to about €8700 per year (for residing expenses), show your passport with visa (if wished) and tenancy agreement.
  • For visa: identical files as residence allow. may also be asked for evidence of clean crook file and medical test.
  • All students have to show talent in the language of instruction for your diploma direction.

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