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Canadian Scholarships 2022| List of upcoming Scholarships

We have compiled a list of the Upcoming Canadian Scholarships 2022-2023. So, begin preparing your documents and make a note of the deadlines for Canadian Scholarships. Further, all of these Scholarships will be awarded to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral students and there is always a way to study without taking the IELTS exam. So, without IELTS, it is possible to apply for Scholarships in Canada for 2022. In this post, we will list the Canadian Universities’ Admissions Opening Dates as well as the Scholarships they offer.

More than half of international students chose to study in Canada because of the numerous opportunities available. Learn why so many international students choose to study in Canada. There are numerous reasons for this, ranging from safe and welcoming campuses to overall quality of life. Additionally, Canada is a land of limitless opportunities, with over 15,000 programmes spread across hundreds of campuses.

Furthermore, Investigate the List of Scholarships in Canada for International Students and strengthen your relationship with Canada. The Canadian Scholarships will cover your meals, lodging, full tuition, another fee, stipend, and health insurance. Some scholarships also cover air travel. So, the list of upcoming scholarships for Canada 2022-2023 can be found below. You may also check: Scholarships in Canada 2022

List of Upcoming Canadian Scholarships 2022

Here we have provided the link the updated list of upcoming Canadian Scholarships 2022-2023.

1. Manitoba University Scholarships

In addition, every year, the University of Manitoba spends $200,000 on graduate student scholarships. So, these fellowships are available to Master’s and Doctoral students.

  • Opening Date Scholarship Application: Early May 2022
  • More Information: Visit Here

2. Postdoctoral Scholarships of Banting

Hence, every year, 70 fellowships are given out. Scholarships and fellowships are available from the Canadian government to international students pursuing postgraduate studies in the natural and social sciences, as well as health research.

3. Saskatchewan University Canada Scholarships 2022

In addition, the application period for the University of Saskatchewan Canada Scholarships for Fall 2022 is now open. Hence, the fall intake is the largest in Canada and offers a wide range of Scholarships and Degree Programs for Undergraduate, Bachelor, Certificate, Graduate (Master, Specialized Graduate Diploma), Graduate: Doctorate, Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Certificate Programs. So, you will be considered for the Scholarship automatically.

  • Opening Date of Application: Currently Opened
  • For More Information: Visit Here

4. University of British Colombia Scholarship

Also, the UBC Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship for Canadian undergraduate and graduate students. These are the International Student Scholarships in Canada.

  • Application Date of Opening: For Winter Session (Sep 2022 to April 2023) & For Summer Session (May to August 2022)
  • More updates and Information: Visit Here

5. University of Toronto Scholarships 2022

Each year, the University of Toronto, along with its faculties, campuses, and colleges, awards 5,000 scholarships to study undergraduate and graduate programmes.

  • Opening Date of Application: Fall of the Year 2022
  • More Information: Visit Here

6. Montreal University Scholarships 2022

Moreover, admissions for the Fall of 2022 are now open and explore one of Canada’s most diverse programme offerings and apply today for the Montreal University Canada Scholarships 2022. So, the University of Montreal is Canada’s Leading Public University. Also, Montréal Scholarships are now accepting applications for Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorate, and Postdoctoral fellowships.

  • Opening Date: Early May
  • More Information: Visit Here

7. Ottawa University Scholarships 2022

Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD, micro programs, Short Programs, and Graduate Diplomas are all eligible for Ottawa Scholarships. The University of Ottawa offers the most scholarships to international students and Canadian citizens.

8. University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university that provides Full Scholarships for International Students to Study Master’s and PhD Degree Programs in Canada. It is Canada’s first premier university.
There are over 200 undergraduate programmes, 500 graduate programmes, 250 specializations, and 300 research areas to choose from.

  • Date of Opening: Currently Opened
  • For More Details: Visit Here

9. University of McGill Scholarships 2022

A Complete Flagship McCall MacBain Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs. McGill University is one of the world’s leading universities, ranking 31st in the Global World Rankings 2021.

For More Detail: Visit Here

10. University of York Scholarships Canada 2022

Only Undergraduate students at York University are eligible for international scholarships to study in Toronto.

  • Opening Date: June 1, 2022
  • For More Details: Visit Here

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