French Scholarships

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French Scholarships for International Students in France for BS, MS and PHD Programs 2022-2023

consequently studying in France something you’ve always wanted to do? With so many scholarships available in France for international students, it is now very simple to study there for free. Some of these scholarships are funded by the French government, while others are funded by private organizations or French universities.
therefore we’ve compiled a list of the top ten scholarships available in France. hence These prestigious scholarships will help you pay for your studies in France entirely or partially.

Additionally, these days French universities and colleges are beginning to offer a variety of English-taught Master’s and Bachelor’s degree options, to students from all over the world. France offers many exciting opportunities for international students due to its long tradition of science, literature, architecture, and history. However, French education is also about creativity, and you’ll find several English-taught degrees in fields such as business, science, and technology.

French Scholarships

List of Universities in French Universities

Required Documents for French Scholarships

furthermore Every university in France has a website that allows prospective students. who can register and enroll in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program. So, once you’ve decided on a university, you can fill out an application and apply your materials there.

The following are some documents you will need to submit with your university application:

  • so a copy of your diploma (high school diploma or bachelor’s degree)
  • Copy of your previous course transcripts/records
  •  in addition copy of your passport and/or birth certificate in digital format
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Test results
  • consequently Evidence of a scholarship or financial assistance
  • recommendation letters (between 2-3)
  • Writing samples and/or a portfolio

List of Scholarships in different Universities for French Scholarships


Erasmus+ is a higher education mobility initiative that facilitates mobility both within Europe and globally. moreover It is the largest provider of scholarships in the European Union, and it is led by the European Commission.

in addition Applicants may apply for financial aid to cover travel and living expenses to spend 1-2 semesters in France through this program. So students from partner or program countries are eligible to apply.

Students may also apply for scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degrees, which are delivered by a consortium of universities. besides Visit the Erasmus+ website to learn more about the various activities offered in France.

2-Emily Boutmy Scholarship

equally important this scholarship program, created by Sciences Po, is for students from outside the European Union. as well students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree are eligible to qualify for the scholarship.

Further students whose profiles fit the admissions priorities and who meet the specifications of individual courses are eligible for the scholarship.

Furthermore scholarship recipients receive a set amount of tuition grants per year as part of the scholarship program.  in addition only newcomers who have never filed taxes in the European Union are eligible to apply.

Therefore this scholarship cannot be associated with any other. So, if you want to learn more about these scholarships in France.

Govt and Non governmental Universities

3-Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

Accordingly these scholarships are available to foreign students who wish to obtain master’s degrees at the university.

hence the scholarships are intended to make it easier for highly qualified individuals to gain admission to universities.

therefore they are awarded to students who apply to particular institutes within the university and are based on academic achievements.

The scholarships are for 1-2 years so students must complete a certain amount of credits in order to continue receiving them in the second year.

The program provides scholarship recipients with a specific sum as well as travel expenses.

4-Eiffel Scholarship

Consequently the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs developed this initiative. furthermore the main goal of this program is to draw top international students to French universities.

Moreover this program provides funding for master’s and doctoral studies hence support is available for master’s degree program for 12 to 36 months, therefore It is available for up to 12 months to Ph.D. students.

So these scholarships are open to students studying law, economics and management, engineering, and political science.

Furthermore International air travel, local transportation, health care, monthly allowance, housing aid, and cultural opportunities are all covered by the scholarships.

Some Additional Universities

5-Excellence-Major Scholarships

Additionally these scholarships are offered for international baccalaureate holders at the network of French Lycées.

Additionally which are co-financed by the Agency for French Education Abroad and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

therefore It enables foreign students to continue their education in France.

Furthermore Students are financially funded for five years of study in France through the scholarships They also gain the status of French government scholarship holders.

which facilitates the processing of visas and residence cards, as well as the acquisition of university housing.

6-INSEAD MBA Scholarships

INSEAD offers scholarships to attract the best candidates, regardless of their financial circumstances, to enter the program.

Over the last three years it has doubled scholarship funds and is now offering larger grants to bright students.

who want to pursue an MBA at INSEAD. equally important at the school, there are over 90 scholarships available.

In addition there are three types of scholarships: need-based, non-need-based, and spot scholarships.

hence If you want to apply for these scholarships in France, Link above given.

High Ranked Universities in France

7-IESEG’s International Scholarships Program

consequently Students at the IESEG School of Management receive merit-based scholarships, hence The merit-based scholarships designed for foreign students and offer a 10% to 50% tuition waiver.

Further All students who apply for the business school’s graduate programs are automatically considered.

Hence the scholarships based on their academic results related job experience GMAT score, and English proficiency.

so There are a variety of other ways to pay for your studies at this business school.

8-Grenoble Alpes University Master’s Scholarships

accordingly the Excellence Initiative at this university offers master’s scholarships (IDEX). hence these scholarships are available to international students pursuing a master’s degree.

So The scholarships are for a single academic year so candidates can apply for scholarships for either the first or second year of their master’s degree.

Besides applicants chosen based on their academic performance and financial situation.

9-University Cote dazur Scholarships

Also this university’s “Digital Systems for Humans” Graduate School offers scholarships through its “Mobility Allocation for Students” program. hence the scholarships intended to help students enrolled in one of the school’s master’s programs. furthermore the scholarship programs is open to a wide range of master’s programs.

moreover Only foreign students with outstanding academic records and previous studies in their home countries are qualified to apply.

Students must also show an interest in pursuing a Ph.D. after completing their master’s degree.

in addition scholarship recipients can receive a set amount of money each semester.

Top Ranked Universities

10-AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships

consequently AIFS understands the difficulties that today’s students face in covering the costs of their tuition. therefore we think that study abroad experience is an essential part of a well-rounded university education.

Therefore we are committed to helping as many students as possible achieve their dream of studying abroad. In addition studying abroad is more attainable with AIFS funding paired with other sources of financial assistance.

11-ENS International Selection Scholarships

furthermore École Normale Superieure offers ten arts and humanities students and ten science students a scholarship, each year to earn a master’s degree or diploma (ENS).

So International students under the age of 25 who have not lived in France, for more than ten months are eligible for this scholarship.

In addition Successful applicants can receive a three-year grant, of 1,000 euros per month as well as a space on one of the ENS campuses.

12-Foundation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships

moreover this HEC Paris scholarship is available to female applicants who have been accepted into the HEC Paris MBA program. therefore candidates can be from an Asian or African nation.

which has been affected by a natural disaster, drought or famine and must be able to demonstrate a commitment. They addressing some of the country’s social and economic problems. while seeking to ensure the long-term welfare of its people.

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