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Opening Date: January 20, 2021 Type: Fully Funded
Remaining Days: OngoingCategory: Fulbright Scholarships 2021
Course Level: PhD, Masters, BS  Location: Turkey

Turkish Scholarships Fully Funded for International Students 2022-2023

Since, Turkey is among the most preferred study destinations near Europe. but Every year, a significant number of students apply for Turkish scholarships, to begin their academic careers. there are various explanations why Turkey is the most popular study destination among international students, one of which is the Turkish government’s scholarship program.

Additionally, Universities in Turkey offer almost every disciplines and levels of study including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. it offers a variety of scholarships allowing, talented foreign students from all over the world. to study at some of the country’s best universities. hence Turkey is focusing on its educational system, and these scholarships are part of that effort.

Turkish Scholarships

This is an inter nation that lies at the crossroads of East and West, In addition, the Turkish people are polite and welcoming to tourists Furthermore, the nation offers world-class higher education in a number of fields thanks to its excellent educational framework.

In addition, Many prestigious universities in various fields of specialization can be found throughout the world. Furthermore, scholarships are available in Turkey for students. which are available at most Turkish universities to assist foreign students with their studies and to make them feel at ease.

Required documents to apply for Turkish Scholarship

Additionally Every year, the Turkish government grants multiple scholarships to foreign students studying in Turkey. As a result, eligible students can apply to study in Turkey without fear of financial hardship. So, the top 5 scholarships in Turkey are listed below. So any of these scholarship program may be helpful to you if you want to study in Turkey. Therefore to find out more information in the sections below. and For more details, you can contact your preferred Turkish higher education institutes.

  • Graduation certificate (temporary) or diploma certificate.
  • The product of a language test, (if required)
  • Exam reports from around the world (if required)
  • In order to qualify for a Turkish scholarship, you must first write a statement of intent.
  • Letter of intent for a scholarship to Turkey.
  • An example of your published work or a research proposal paper (only for Ph.D. students).
  • NIC (National Identity Card and Documents).
  • Passport must be correct..
  • Transcripts from all research institutions.
  • Lastly, candidates must have most recent photograph (Please make sure that your face must be visible in the photograph).

Eligibility criteria for BS, Masters and PHD students

Additionally international Students, must have an excellent academic record to be eligible for the Turkish scholarship program. So, applicants must have earned adequate grades to satisfy the eligibility standards.

  • To be eligible for the Turkish scholarship program, bachelor’s degree applicants must have a grade point average of at least 70%.
  • Applicants, for bachelor’s degrees must be under the age of 21. If a candidate is over the age of 21, he or she will be ineligible for a Turkish scholarship.
  • The nominee must not be a Turkish citizen or ex-citizen.
  • To be eligible for the Turkish scholarship program, master’s degree applicants must have scored at least 75% on their exams.
  • Applicants for master’s degrees must be under the age of 30. If the candidate is over the age of 30, he or she will be ineligible for a Turkish scholarship.
  • In addition, those nominee’s who are citizen of Turkey or its ex-citizen, may not be eligible for this scholarship.
  • To be eligible for the Turkish scholarship program, master’s degree applicants must have scored at least 75% on their exams.
  • On the other hand, applicants for master’s degrees must be under the age of 35, If the candidate is over the age of 35 so he or she will not eligible for a Turkish scholarship.
  • The nominee must not be a Turkish citizen or ex-citizen.

Benefits from the Turkey Scholarships

In addition, This program has a slew of amazing features that will help international students to get the most out of their educational experience. So some of the advantages are mentioned below.


BS students: 700 TL ( $103), Master’s students: 950 TL ( $140), P.h.D students: 1400 TL ( $206).


Note: The bulk of courses at Turkish universities are taught in Turkish, hence Some colleges, on the other hand, offer courses in other languages, such as English. so Applicants who wish to take these courses must request an internationally recognized language proficiency certificate to show their language proficiency.

List of Scholarships Offered by Turkish Government

moreover Turkish scholarships provide students, a wonderful opportunity to grow their talent, acquire expertise, develop skills, and prepare for the competitive world ahead. and This wonderful opportunity would help gifted understudies who need financial aid to pursue higher education.

1- Tubitak Scholarships

Additionally International students, can apply for a variety of Turkey scholarships programs. administered by Turkey’s Scientific and Technological Research Council. and Visit the Turkish Scientific and Technical Development Council’s website to learn more.

In addition TUBITAK is Turkey’s Scientific and Technical Research Council, offers scholarships to students on a regular basis. and Foreign scholarships are available in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, humanities, and social sciences at the graduate and post-graduate levels.

2-KOC University Scholarship

The grants provided by university are non-refundable and are valid for the duration of the program. and Academic failure would not result in the loss of a student’s scholarship status if they obey the university’s rules and regulations. hence You can read more about KOC University by visiting their Official website.

So Applicants can be eligible for a full scholarship. which includes tuition waivers, free dorm room, and contribution for monthly expenses and books cost. Students, may also qualify for a help scholarship at the university. it accounts for half of a student’s tuition at the university. therefore Aside from that, students at the university may apply for sports scholarships and book scholarships.

3-Bilkent University Scholarships

On the other hand the scholarship is renewable for a period of ten semesters. The scholarship is hard to continue, hence, applicants must maintain a minimum GPA to take a minimum course load. So the website of Bilkent University has more detail on merit-based scholarships.

International students, at Bilkent University are eligible to apply for a number of scholarships. hence Students may apply for merit-based scholarships based on their high school grades as well as their performance on national and international exams. .hence Students will earn a tuition fee waiver ranging from 20% to 100% via the scholarships.

4-Türkiye Scholarships

In addition, Türkiye Scholarships which are sponsored by the Turkish government. which encourage students to study full-time or part-time at Turkey’s top universities, Scholarship winners receive financial aid in their studies, a monthly stipend, health care, lodging, a Turkish language course, and airfare as part of this fully-funded scholarship programs.

Scholarship winners not only receive financial aid, but they are also put in the university that provides their preferred curriculum. Additionally, the program’s aim is to ensure that students, engage in cultural events while studying in Turkey. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate in the program.

How to apply?

On the other hand, Eligible students can apply via the Turkish online application framework, which accepts applications from all over the world. moreover, All interested candidates should carefully read the instructions well Only those students who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered.

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