(KGSP) Korean Government Scholarship Program

(KGSP) Korean Government Scholarship Program Fully Funded 2021-2022

(KGSP) Korean Government Scholarship Program: The 2021-2022 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) now accepts online applications from students. The Korean government has announced its KGSP scholarship program for foreign students to facilitate the international students of Korean Higher Education.

This scholarship also intended to promote friendly relations between Korean people and other nations. These scholarships would allow students at any university of their choosing to study undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. program.

(KGSP) Korean Government Scholarship Program

Documents required for (KGSP) application

To prevent any further delay in submitting your Korean Scholarship Application, make the following collection of documents available before submitting an application for a KGSP scholarship:

  • Highest achieved degree
  • Best degree transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation from employers or professors
  • Personal statement or declaration of intent (mandatory for only masters and Ph.D. degree applicants)
  • MS students need to request a study plan.
  • Proposal for study for Ph.D. degree applicants
  • Motivational letter (for bachelor’s program applicants)

Benefits for applying Korean government scholarship

Only those students to whom this cost is applicable will receive the grant for study and printing the thesis, such as students participating in a research-based program.

  • Coverage on tuition fees (of maximum KRW 5,000,000 per semester)
  • An recognition for demonstrating Korean language proficiency.
  • A grant to cover study expenditures of up to 240,000 KRW (per semester)
  • A grant of 500,000 KRW-800,000 KRW for printing the dissertation/thesis. KRW 100,000 upon completion of the degree program.
  • The KGSP scholarship will cover the grantees’ airfare.
  • It will provide the grantees with a 200,000 KRW relocation or resettlement payment.
  • In order to cover living and other expenses, KRW 20,000 per month will be given.
  • 20,000 monthly KRW will go to medical insurance.
  • KRW 800,000 will given every three months to pay for the language course that every recipient has to take.

Procedure to apply for Korean Scholarship (KGSP) 2021

The procedure pf applying for the South Korean KGSP scholarship is to first find a Korean University that offers this scholarship and then you must follow the process to submit an application for a KGSP scholarship and admission as defined by that specific university.

  • The documents will submitted to NIIED by the Korean university or the embassy (only the documents of the shortlisted candidates will sent). This is for the purposes of verification that the selected students are still eligible for the scholarship.
  • NIIED would then review the documents and report the recipients to the embassy or the university.
  • Applicants will told of their selection or rejection by the embassy or the university. The scholarship committee itself doesn’t explicitly inform the recipients.
  • In order to suggest prospective candidates, NIIED calls the Korean Embassy or the local university. (The students can apply through the embassy or the university and through that platform they will be chosen).
  • Applicants would need to present the necessary documentation to the embassy in their home country or to the university to which they have applied.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for (KGSP) scholarship

To eligible for the Korean KGSP Scholarship, you must ensure that all the basic requirements necessary to apply for the Korean scholarship program are met.

  • Before arriving, the graduate student must have finished his/her masters or bachelors.
  • There should be a CGPA of more than 80% for the claimant . This CGPA or proportion will be from his/her last institution.
  • Before applying, the applicant must not have attended any Korean educational institution and should not have achieved a degree from there. (This means any degree of bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. Training at high school not included).
  • Applicants with a 90% result and currently or formerly holding a KGSP grant may reapply. They can apply directly to the university or the university track can be selected.
  • It is necessary that the applicant and his/her parents was born in a country other than Korea.
  • The applicants should not required to have Korean citizenship.
  • Applicants must be physically and psychologically stable in order to guarantee their healthy stay for the entire degree program in Korea.
  • Undergraduate/applicant students must be under the age of 25.
  • At the time of admission, graduate students must have less than 40 years of age.
  • Before arriving in Korea, the undergraduate applicants must have successfully completed all of his/her education at primary, middle, and high school levels.


There is no fixed deadline for applications for the 2021 KGSP scholarship. Each university and embassy has a deadline of its own. Applicants advised to contact the Korean embassy in their home countries to provide details on the deadline for submitting applications for KGSP.

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