CSC Scholarship 2021-2022 – Chinese Government Scholarships

Opening Date: December 1, 2020 Deadline: April 30, 2021
Remaining Days: 113 Days Category: Fully Funded Scholarships
Course Level: Masters, Graduate,
Undergraduate, PhD, Engineering
  Location: China

Scholarships in 274 Chinese Universities Open for international Students – CSC Scholarship 2021

CSC Scholarship 2021-2022 – Chinese Government Scholarships: There now exists Chinese Government Scholarships by the China Scholarship Council (CSC Scholarship) for Bachelors, Masters and even doctoral (Ph.D.) levels in different courses including. Not only limited to the ones taught in both English and Chinese dialects all at more than 274 of the Chinese institution of higher learning yearly.

The process which candidates can get to this arrangement to apply for CSC Scholarship is by means of the China Scholarship Council online stage. There are various associations in China that give scholarships to global students, for example, Confucious foundation scholarship, CSC Scholarship by China Scholarship Council, Schwarzman Scholars program, Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship, Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships, CAS-TWAS Scholarships. The most widely given scholarship is CSC Scholarship and to apply for this honor, up-and-comers have two pathways:

  1. Apply directly to CSC Scholarship-Chinese University direct enlistment program.

2. Apply for CSC Scholarship from the nation of origin by means of Chinese Consulate.

CSC Scholarship 2021-2022 – Chinese Government Scholarships

Benefits & Coverage of CSC Scholarship (Chinese Government Scholarship)

The Chinese CSC Scholarship is a completely financed scholarship that covers full educational expenses, living remittances, convenience costs, and medical coverage. The inclusion of Chinese CSC Scholarship scholarship differs dependent on the sort of the degree just as expressed beneath:

The advantages of the CSC Scholarship in the;

  1. Undergrad Program: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, educational cost, and accommodation are both free

2. Expert Program: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, the educational cost is free and a room is given for free.

3. Doctoral Program: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend with free educational cost and just as free room.

Overview of Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship)

Chinese Government Scholarships by China Scholarship Council CSC is a venture because of the Chinese Government’s expectation at up scaling schooling, culture, exchange, moves in instruction and legislative issues. The program is additionally expected to advance participation and improve shared comprehension among China and different countries.

Chinese organizations of higher taking in give understudies from everywhere the world Chinese Government Scholarships like CSC Scholarships, Confucius Institute Scholarships, CAS-TWAS Scholarships, and Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships among others.

Application Guidelines for CSC Scholarship 2021

During the time spent applying for the CSC Scholarship, it is basic to remember that a greeting letter or letter expressing otherwise called an acknowledgment letter from the educator at a Chinese University may improve the odds of determination. It should be noticed that the greeting letter given by the teacher expressing that an up-and-comer has been acknowledged into the program isn’t mandatory.

Coming up next is a deliberate manual for applying for the degree program straightforwardly in Chinese University by means of the Chinese University-Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) channel:

  1. Identify CSC Scholarship Council recognized university.

2. Identify the CSC website of the institution of further higher learning.

3. Sign up and create an account on the Chine Scholarship official website.

5. Fill mandatory and necessary fields given on the form.

6. Pick category “B” for the CSC scholarship.

7. Pick the name of the university and fill agency number of the university.

8. Submit the CSC application shape and from that point download the pdf form.

9. Compile all your important documents in with the pdf.

10. Make sure to see whether the university needs a different application form.

11. If a confirmation application is required then you need to fill the college frame and download it.

12. Pay application fee if required.

13. Attach the slip of application fee.

14. Make sure application confirmation and reports also CSC scholarship .

15. Make two set of all necessary documents and send them on the desired university address.

16. After completing all necessary steps, wait for CSC Scholarship final results.

In the event that applicants can get an acceptance letter from a Chinese professor and submit it with the Chinese Scholarship application, they have more chances to win the scholarships.

How to fill China Scholarship Council application form for CSC Scholarship?

Requested to all students to follow below given steps to fill CSC application form.

  1. Fill CSC Scholarship Online Application .

2. Make your profile and CSC scholarship site account.

3. Fill the CSC Scholarship online application form.

4. Make separate CSC accounts if you need to apply to numerous universities.

5. Identify office number of Chinese organization for higher studies that you want to join.

6. Key in the office number of your Chinese college in the CSC Scholarship online application structure.

7. Pick the sort of the CSC scholarship that you need and go for classification B.

8. Fill in your details and the important degree course you want to study.

9. Present your CSC scholarship online application

10. Download CSC scholarship online application form.

Submitting documents to Chinese Universities to apply for the CSC Scholarship

  1. Submitting the CSC Scholarship application to the college close by the necessary records referenced by the University on their site. The greater part of the Chinese Universities require two suggestion letters, academic records and degrees, CSC Scholarship application form, identification data page picture, study plan from ace degree candidates, mission statement from student certificate candidates, research proposition from doctoral certificate candidates, acknowledgment letter (discretionary), outsider actual assessment structure and IELTS or English Proficiency Certificate.

2. Build up whether the Chinese University needs an online application for affirmation along with CSC scholarship application or not.

3. If an online admission of application isn’t mandatory at the University Website, present the CSC grant online application structure, and afterward present your reports to the Chinese University by post.

4. If Chinese University is expecting that you should make an accommodation of an online application for confirmation, at that point initially proceed to apply online on their site page and append your CSC scholarship form in the online application arrangement of that University with any remaining archives as needed by them.

5. Fill the leftover piece of the admission on the Chinese University Website and in the sponsorship and underwriter segment notice ‘CSC Scholarship’, at that particular college webpage, and survey your application before the last accommodation.

6. Present your CSC Scholarship affirmation application on the Chinese University Website and afterward make two arrangements of archives and post them on the location of the International Student Office of that Chinese University.

Documents required for Chinese CSC Scholarship 2021

  1. Ensure to introduce verified copies of degree and records for the submission of the CSC grant application to the CSC Scholarship portal just as to the Chinese University Website (This subsequent application whenever needed by Chinese University – Check CSC Scholarship notice of that University for guidelines).

2. Enquire from at any rate two of your educators to suggest you for the Chinese CSC Scholarship through letters which are known as Recommendation Letters.

3. Getting an assent letter/greeting or acknowledgment letter from an educator at the Chinese college isn’t obligatory. Yet, on the off chance that you get it, at that point your odds of determination for the Chinese Government Scholarship are increased.

4. A persuasive letter is the most fitting, study plan, mission statement, and Research proposition necessities subject to the course and degree level as expressed by the particular Chinese University.

5. IELTS endorsement or HSK grant letter if accessible. Additionally, consider giving an essential testament showing your past degree was instructed in the English language (English Proficiency Certificate)

6. Go to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Chinese Student VISA (X1/X2) for the Chinese Government Scholarship to start your scholastic excursion in China.

Applying for Chinese Scholarships

Application charges for universities in China

There is a huge difference between the expenses for singular Chinese colleges. The charges goes from 90 to 150 USD and in many examples, it works underneath 200 USD. It is likewise basic to take note of that specific colleges don’t need an application charge.

Educational cost charges for universities in China

As opposed to what is seen in the UK and American colleges, Chinese colleges are very modest. The estimating is subject to the order of study just as the norms of the Chinese colleges. The most probable normal educational expense for an entire year ranges somewhere in the range of 20000RMB and 60000 RMB, which means around 3300 USD to 9900 USD. If a designing, business, or clinical understudy isn’t on a completely subsidized CSC grant, their expenses will be all the more exorbitant.

The relevance of IELTS for CSC scholarship

The IELTS is truth be told redundant for Chinese Government Scholarship and thusly competitors can dispatch English Proficiency Certificate that fills in as an option for the IELTS.

English Proficiency Certificate

This is a report demonstrating that the latest course degree taken by the candidate was instructed in the English language at their past learning establishment.

Getting an English Proficiency Certificate

A contender for the CSC grant can go to the workplace of the recorder at their past foundation to request the declaration.

Age details for the CSC scholarships for undergrad, Master, and Ph.D. programs

  1. Undergraduate degree program-25 years.

2. Experts degree-35 years.

3. Ph.D. program 40 years.

Last Date of CSC Scholarships application

The deadline for all the CSC scholarships in all the Chinese Universities is before April 30 every year.

Guidance for Students to Study in China

Our team presents a students guide for studying in China, giving up-and-comers a knowledge concerning the instruction framework in China and the typical cost for basic items for an understudy in China. It likewise gives a thought of the vocation open doors for worldwide students.

This guide additionally sets you in a place where you can recognize Chinese scholarships that are totally free just as oneself supported courses in more than 243 Chinese organizations for higher learning.

China is a delightful nation with a tempting history and now offers a pocket-accommodating open door for worldwide understudies to concentrate in China. As of late, this incredible country has been zeroing in both on schedule and cash, towards building up the schooling area.

Following their relationship with the colleges in the United States and the U.K, the tally of global understudies who are concentrating in China is developing enormously. Hence, the Government of China offers numerous free grants in an offer to tempt worldwide abilities to be essential for their establishments. It is difficult to make sure about a completely financed for grant in the high-positioning colleges of China.

CSC Scholarship 2021-2022 – Chinese Government Scholarships

1. Does China offer free education?

China sticks to a nine-year learning strategy which isn’t discretionary hence giving free essential and junior optional instruction for all the students over six years old. In as much as the schools request random charges, educational cost is completely financed by the government.

An advanced degree is anyway not free despite the fact that there are sure schools in China just as colleges, which offer grants that, are totally supported by the government and focused at drawing in global students. The government of China likewise supports their own understudies to seek after their investigations in different colleges abroad additionally obliged by the CSC scholarships and exchange programs.

2. Is college expensive in China?

The college costs in china are generally low when contrasted with the ones offered by their partners in western establishments for higher learning. The norm of instruction is better, making China one of the most fantastic global students centers. With regards to giving completely and mostly supported grants to global students to study in China, China remains as the third-biggest nation in such manner. The purpose behind this is that China offers schooling at a less expensive cost when contrasted with Western nations.

All the 243 number of colleges allow to students to apply for Chinese government-supported grants. These grants won’t just take care of your schooling costs however your day by day expenses too.

3. Can foreign student profit by free education in China?

For the foreign students that are hoping to profit by the free instruction in China, they can do this by applying for Chinese Government scholarships. This applies to the colleges that have worked together with the Chinese Scholarship Council. To guarantee that your application gets fruitful, it is fitting for understudies to apply for the CSC scholarships in various colleges.

There are additionally Provincial Government Scholarships that colleges in China scholarship unfamiliar students. Other grant programs that will give worldwide students free instruction incorporate Confucius, AUN, EU, Great Wall, and PIF grant. What is cooked in the full grant in China incorporates educational expenses, Medical protection, Accommodation just as living expenses?

4. What is the Cost of Accommodation in China?

A large portion of the colleges in China are situated in Beijing and Shanghai, which are two costly urban communities. There are anyway reasonable Accommodation choices accessible.


This is the go-to alternative for most global student. The ordinary expenses for a private inn room range from 18 dollars to 300 dollars a late evening relying upon the kind of lodging you pick.


There are private homes that are accessible in China and these are reasonable as the costs range from 200 dollars to 1000 dollars consistently.


One may likewise decide to lease a level. The expense for these is subject to the area of the level just as the kind of level. The regular expense of a one-room level goes for around $200 to $1000 consistently.


There are living halls that are accessible for foreign students in China. The cost at understudy corridors goes from $100 to $500 consistently.

Living with a roommate

Another choice that the vast majority of the foreign students go for is having a flat mate with which you can share the convenience costs. This is a less expensive alternative as you won’t just have somebody to impart the lease to yet in addition your everyday costs.

Typical cost of living in China

The average cost for basic items in China is reliant on the area of the convenience office. The very good quality urban communities like Shanghai and Shenzhen will in general be more costly. In the event that you decide to live in Beijing, you should leave behind around $600 to $1200 consistently to cook for your costs.

Students who select to live in Shanghai or Shenzhen, you will cause a living expense of around $850 to $1350 consistently. In other normal urban communities, you can will cause costs of around $400 to $800 consistently. The least expensive alternative that will diminish your costs fundamentally is living in quarters, as these will cost you cash.

Cost of food in China

The one selling purpose of china is its extraordinary eateries that offer reasonable foods. The expense of eating at a café, notwithstanding, relies upon the sort and area of the eatery. The normal expense of a dinner in a bottle, inexpensive food joint, or little eatery is around $2 to $200.

In the event that you are looking towards eating a medium Chinese cooking, at that point you will leave behind somewhere in the range of $4 and $350. Eating from the grocery stores will cost a normal of $80 to $300 while new produce like products of the soil go for $5 to $15 consistently.

CSC Scholarship 2021-2022 – how to apply?

Education system in China

In the event that you are searching for education system that is both testing and serious in the worldwide market, at that point China will offer you this. The training framework here incorporates three kindergarten years, six elementary school years, 3 to 6 auxiliary school a very long time after which one can go for advanced education.

The Chinese training framework isn’t just serious at the undergrad level yet in the postgraduate level too. Postgraduate understudies in many colleges are needed to distribute their exploration projects through the SCI subsidiary logical diaries. This idea makes China rank exceptionally as far as Scientific exploration and records.

The typical age for a kid to go to Kindergarten is 6 years in significant urban areas or 7 years in different urban areas. In the wake of finishing their kindergarten, they at that point go to Primary school. Students who are matured around 12 to 17 years go to auxiliary school. Studies in optional school primarily center around planning understudies for post-auxiliary training. To move on from secondary school and be chosen to join higher learning organizations, understudies ought to sit for ‘Gaokao’ tests.

China offer Work Opportunities to foreign students?

For the foreign students who may look for working open doors in china to assist with their costs then this is conceivable. One needs to get a letter from their teacher named ‘NOC’ letter and afterward take it to the International Student Office. The workplace will at that point give you a permit that will allow you to land low maintenance positions.

The Chinese Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security distributed a law allowing understudies who have gotten postgraduate certificates from both Chinese, unfamiliar colleges to get a work grant, and business permit and they can get the opportunity to work in China.

Would you be able to work and learn simultaneously in China?

Beforehand, worldwide students were not permitted to look for low maintenance work in China. This has anyway changed. As a worldwide understudy in China, you are allowed to find low maintenance line of work while taking your examinations in China. You, be that as it may, need to get a NOC letter from your teacher, which you will take to the International understudy office after which you will get a permit permitting you to look for low maintenance working chances.

Another prerequisite for landing low maintenance positions while concentrating in China is a Student Visa or a X-visa. You can get a XI visa, which is given to the unfamiliar understudies who are in china to read for courses going on for a half year, or you can get a X2 visa that is given to understudies that are taking courses going on for under a half year.

Cost of MBBS in China in 2021:

The Chinese Government scholarships offer worldwide students scholarships that oblige educational expenses. This, in any case, doesn’t matter to understudies taking Business or Medical examinations. The normal MBBS program goes for a normal of RMB30000 every year, while the least expensive will go for RMB 22000 yearly. The most costly ranges at about RMB 50000 yearly.

We have guaranteed that we have examined in insight regarding the Chinese Government grants. We have ensured that we have responded to all the potential inquiries and we will keep on addressing all the future inquiries that understudies may raise. Perusing this guide is incredibly gainful to all understudies ready to concentrate in China.

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